Top 5 Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers in India

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There are numerous lithium-ion battery manufacturers in India, but some of the companies that are particularly good at producing these batteries are Amara Raja, Euclion Energy, TDSG and Xcell. Read on to know more about these companies and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

These companies are the future of stationary energy storage, and they are the leading contenders in developing batteries in India. Read on to know more about their products, and how they can benefit your Lithium-Ion Battery business in the world.

Amara Raja

Amara Raja is a new lithium-ion battery manufacturer in India. The company has invested Rs 20 crore into the hub and has received a competitive bid from ISRO for technology transfer and bidding fees. The company hopes to build a strong technology base and move into mass-manufacturing. However, the speedy adoption of EVs will not justify setting up a large-scale manufacturing base in India. Such investments require a high rate of return, and it would take some time to build up a high volume.

Euclion Energy

smartpropel battery manufacturers list

Based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Euclion Energy is one of the leading manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries in India. Their products are used in low-power applications, such as medical equipment, drones, and cars. However, their main focus is on lithium-ion battery solutions for e-mobility applications. Since most of their products are low-capacity, they are well positioned to play a major role in making lithium-ion mainstream.


TDSG is a joint venture between TOSHIBA Corporation, DENSO Corporation and Suzuki Motor Corporation to manufacture Lithium-ion batteries in Gujarat. The company plans to manufacture batteries for Maruti Suzuki and supply them to the Maruti Suzuki plant in Gujarat. The facility will utilize TOSHIBA cell and DENSO module technologies. The plant is slated to be ready by 2020.

Amara Raja Batteries

The new facility in Andhra Pradesh is a step towards establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries in the country. It will be the first lithium-ion cell manufacturing facility in the private sector. Amara Raja Batteries, which is also India’s second largest automotive battery maker, will open a new facility in Tirupati to make lithium-ion cells. It is partnering with the Indian Space Research Organization to establish the facility.

Lohum Cleantech

Founded in 2016, Lohum is a leading manufacturer of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and other applications. With the help of its global partnerships, Lohum collects end-of-life batteries and converts them into usable units. This second-life resource will be used to power telecom machines and electric vehicles throughout India. To help reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing, the company has dedicated a collection center to collect and process end-of-life batteries.


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